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Ibis Kitchen Bron

Order one of our delicious balanced meals or prepare your own meal from the "seasonal buffet" as you prefer, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Ibis Kitchen is the restaurant which believes in leaving you as much freedom as possible.
Grills, steamed dishes, great gourmet dishes, pasta dishes and a wide range of desserts; Ibis Kitchen offers a huge choice of flavours and the guarantee of an authentic cuisine based on seasonal produce.


Pets welcome


Bar, Terrace, Car park, Fumoir

Тип кухни


Количество приборов максимум


Контактные данные

36 avenue du Doyen Lépine 69500 Bron

Тел. : 04 72 13 33 00

Факс. : 04 72 33 08 26


rom 15 to 25 €

Часы открытия

Open Mon. to Thu.: noon-2 pm and 7 pm-10:30 pm, Fri.: noon-2 pm. Closed 4 first weeks of August.


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Jean-François Mesplède
Лионская кулинарная традиция

Жан-Франсуа Месплед, автор кулинарных книг


Жан-Франсуа Месплед, автор кулинарных книг, директор путеводителя Мишлен с 2006 по 2009 года.

В Лионе, ещё со времён Римской империи, еда считалась основным элементом  жизни !