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If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of city life, why not discover the phenomenon of the old fashioned medieval city of Pérouges.


Pérouges is the ideal town situated not far from Lyon city centre. By car is it approx. 45 minutes. It is a town full of character with lots of things to do and see. If history tickles your fancy and you want a day away from the city, why not visit Pérouges.

It is a medieval town full of zest. From the cobble stoned streets to the small town houses and cottages. Not to mention the magnificent architecture, there are two styles of architecture found in Pérouges which include Renaissance and Italian inspired. The different architectural styles give you the impression you are living in two different centuries, which for me is enchanting.

Nowadays not many people live in the town, its main purpose is tourist based. Most of the old houses have been renovated and turned into hotels. The hotels are very traditional and the furniture and decorative ceilings and rooms are truly breathe taking. Many people visit Pérouges for a romantic getaway or a calm and relaxing holiday filled with history, from wars to the visit of Bill Clinton.

The streets are filled with flowers, small restaurants and coffee shops. The symbol of the area is a corn on the cob; many restaurants have corn on the cobs dotted around their dining rooms to decorate them. There is also an artisanal gift shop which sells products typical of the area, such as table clothes and small gimmicks.

I love food and cooking, so for me their specialities intrigued me. I fell in love with the Galette Pérougienne. It is a circular flat bread/cake that can be savory or sweet. I tasted the original, which is a brioche based pastry that is moist in texture, with a caramelized topping of butter, sugar and lemon zest. It is delicious and traditionally served with a fizzy rosé wine called Cerdon. There are also different twists on the cake, which have been adapted into savory breads, such as onion or cheese.

If cooking is not your thing, there is also a great view from the town that enables you to see the green fields, houses and roads around the surrounding area. This is particularly pleasing and a lot of tourists and visitors enjoy walking up to this spot. The looking out point is situated on the roof of the maison des princes, which is just one of their numerous museums.

Cultivate yourself and take a trip to enlighten your senses and discover this unforgettable town.











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