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My experience in Lyon

My view and experience while living in Lyon

When I first arrived in Lyon I was intimidated, being from a small city like Dublin, Lyon seemed enormous. With 9 different districts, I had the impression I would constantly be lost. This was true for the first few weeks, getting settled in and trying to understand the metro routes were tricky.

Once all of that was out of the way, I was ready to really embrace the city and fit into the French way of life. I wanted to really improve my french and was delighted to start working in Lyon. I feel I have learnt alot but still miss certain vocabulary.

The city is enchanting, it is full of history and is very lively. I work in the centre of the city, so I am constantly seeing new faces.

Lyon as you know is the second largest renaissance city in Europe after Venice, which gives it a certain element of charm. The streets are cobble stonned and filled with little boutiques and small traditional restaurants throughout the old city. "Vieux Lyon" is home to 2,000 years of history.

I personally love the parks and green areas around the city, they are full of life, with people walking, running, cycling or roller blading. It is a breathe of fresh air and encourages you to get involved in all the antics.

There are festivals and events held throughout the year,which is exciting. From music and dance festivals to the opéra or sports events. You will never get bored.

Not to mention the food and wine are delightful here. I have met many nice people over here, which makes it difficult to leave. However I will not be leaving France entirely so I will still have time to discover and embrace the culture in another city.

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