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Gastronomy & Wine

The key to a food/wine lover heart.

Wine and Gastronomy

As most of us know Lyon is the Gastronomic capital of France and the cuisine capital of the world.

Cooking is a huge passion of mine, when I got the opportunity to do my internship in Lyon, I could not resist, I wanted to taste all the specialities and learn how to cook them. I have a very sweet tooth, so I was mainly interested in the desserts. Some of the sweet treats I fell in love with included: the Tarte aux Pralines, Bugnes and macarons.

If desserts are not your things, there are also many savory delicacies that should tickle your fancy, from regional cheeses to the infamous lyonnaise salad or brioche covered sausage. I did not try all of the specialities as the meat dishes and sausages did not appeal to me.

The selection of wine is outstanding, due to the fact Lyon is situated between three of the largest wine producing regions in France. French people tend to buy wines from their region; however there are wines sold  from all over France and the world available here.

One of the most famous indoor markets in “Les Halles” which was set up by one of Lyons top chefs: Paul Bocuse. The market is filled with fresh meat and fish products, decorative starters, desserts, breads, chocolates and more. It is quite expensive as most of the products are sold in bulk to the best restaurants in Lyon; however a lot of locals and tourists buy ingredients in small quantities.

There are over 1,500 restaurants to choose from in Lyon, which will appeal to everyone depending on your budget. There are low priced restaurants, medium priced and of course fine dining as it is the gastronomic capital of the France.

If the Lyonnaise specialities do not appeal to you fear not, as there are foods sold from all over France and the world. Many of the foreign restaurants appeal to me here. I particularly like the world cuisine restaurants, Italian restaurants or Mexican restaurants.

You will be amazed by the vast selection of foods and delicacies, get stuck in and enjoy very morsel of food.

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