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Emmanuelle Dupont, Sève Chocolatier Macarons

Sève specialises in many delightful sweet and savory macaroons

Emmanuelle Dupont

Emmanuelle Dupont, Marketing and Web Manager for Sève Maître Chocolatier Pâtissier
Sève stocks a variety of products that are sure to entice your taste-buds once you enter the boutique.

How did you come up with the concept of the Sève Cola Macaroon?

The Sève cola Macaroon is intriguing and exceptional; the concept of the macaroon is simple. Mr and Mrs Sève wanted to reminisce and depict their childhood through one of their famous delicious products. They really wanted to imagine they were drinking the famous soda drink which profoundly reminded them of their younger days on a warm summer day, guzzling the flavorsome fizzy cola.

What type of Macaroons do you sell at your establishment?

Sève specialises in many delightful sweet and savory Macaroons. The sweet Macaroons are plentiful, some of the flavours include: butterscotch, Sève cola, pastis, vanilla, raspberry, apple, chocolate, peach, apricot and raisin-rum . The savory Macaroons are not as popular as the sweet Macaroons, however some still come in a range of exquisite flavours such as: Duck fois gras which is a French specialty, Gorgonzola and sesame seed, cuttlefish ink and black olives and cèpes which is a type of mushroom.

What other products do you stock in your boutique?

Sève stocks many different products that are sure to have you salivating once you enter the boutique. Some of the products that we have include: chocolates, sweet and savory macaroons, chocolate filled cakes, ice-cream, pastries, sorbets and more. Their traditional home-made recipe ice-cream is one product in particular that shouldn't be overlooked.

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