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Histoires d'Univers au Planetarium

The story of the universe

From the Big Bang to a grain of sand ... The exhibition at the Planetarium explains all!

Who can honestly say that they haven't at some time reflected on the mysteries of creation?

Questions concerning our very existence are still being hotly debated even today… 

Where do we come from? How was the sun formed? And the earth?

And what about life itself?

You'll find some of the answers at "Histoire d’Univers", (the story of the universe), the permanent exhibition at the Planetarium with a fun, interactive visitor trail.

The stars, the Milky Way, the solar system and even the big bang theory reveal their most exciting secrets!

For those with their head in the stars, this is a magical moment to be shared with the whole family, starting from 8 years old.

A key attraction of this exhibition: a science guide will be in attendance to answer all your questions!

The universe will no longer hold any secrets for you!

Admission to the Planetarium and exhibition is free with the Lyon City Card.

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Lyon City Card Admission to the Planetarium and exhibition is free with the Lyon City Card.
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