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Aire de Jeu aux Subsistances - Crédit Romain Pierre

The Aire de Jeu Festival

From January 29 to February 2 2013, at Les Subsistances.

Music and dance based on the work of the American composer Julia Wolfe.

Dance and music. Music and dance.
The relationship between these two disciplines has often been a turbulent one.
Though initially seamless and inseparable, they both took off in completely different directions during the 20th century.

With this second Aire de Jeu Festival, Les Subsistances is looking to reunite this beloved old couple!
 Four choreographers will be invited to (re)interpret a piece by the American composer Julia Wolfe, working with 10 musicians.

And when artistic disciplines meet, it's at Les Subsistances, at the Croix-Rousse Theatre and at the CNN in Rillieux-la-Pape.

A chance to rediscover and reunite contemporary music and dance!

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