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Guillaume Leroy, La rencontre de Pierre Sala avec François 1er au pied de l’Antiquaille, v. 1523. Enluminure sur parchemin, dans Pierre Sala, Les...

Lyon Renaissance – Art and Humanism

From the 23th of October 2015 to the 25th of January 2016, at the Museum of Fine Arts

The artistic, scientific and humanist explosion of creativity that illuminated Europe during the 16th century is well known. Lyon, a trading town ideally located at a crossroads between northern Europe, Germany and Italy, along the banks of the Rhône and Saône rivers, took full advantage of the opportunities presented during this period, which also saw the development of printing.

Traders, bankers, artists and craftsmen came from far and wide to settle here and went on to become prosperous, making Lyon a unique place and building its reputation throughout Europe.

The exhibition presents more than 300 objects and works of art, such as paintings, engravings, illuminated manuscripts, scientific objects, maiolica, furniture and more. It highlights leading personalities of Lyon during the Renaissance period, including humanists, artists, engravers and scientists.

Travel back through time to Lyon during a flourishing age that restored all the splendour of antiquity.

Entry to the Museum of Fine Arts and the exhibition is free with the Lyon City Card

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Lyon City Card Entry to the Museum of Fine Arts and the exhibition is free with the Lyon City Card