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Affiche _ L'art et la Machine

Art and the Machine

From the 13th of October 2015 to the 24th of January 2016, at the Confluences Museum

"Objects of art and dreams"

This new exhibition at the Musée des Confluences attempts to bring together two seemingly disparate worlds. As you will find out, however, they have more in common than you might think.  Explore the world of technology and mechanics alongside the world of art.

The exhibition presents various objects that are revisited and transformed into unusual works of art, such as deconstructed or wrecked cars and recycled bikes, which are often visually pleasing, but almost always surprising and imbued with a certain poetry.

When art meets the machine, a fresh perspective is given to mechanisms, cogs, gears, fuselages, materials and shapes, which are diverted from their primary function to be reconstructed and put together according to the whims of the artists' imaginations.

Including masterpieces, art brut, installations, photographs and objects of art, the exhibition takes visitors on a journey through the genius and creativity of mankind, from the past to the future... 

Suitable for all ages.


Also currently at the  Musée des Confluences
‘‘Before Memory’’— Memory’’ - a work by the artist Yuan Goang Ming, presented as part of the  Biennial Contempory Art Festival .

‘‘Dans la chambre des merveilles’’  (In the Chamber of Wonders) - Exhibition held until the 10th of April 2016.

Entry to the museum and its exhibitions is free with the Lyon City Card

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Lyon City Card Entry to the museum and its exhibitions is free with the Lyon City Card