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Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, L'Arétin et l'envoyé de Charles Quint, 1848 (c) Lyon MBA photo Alain Basset
Jean-Honoré Frangonard, L'abreuvoir, vers 1765, huile sur toile, H. 51,5 ; L. 63 cm © MBA Lyon/ Alain Basset
Jeune fille devant le triptyque de 2009 de Pierre Soulages - Image © Lyon MBA - Photo Gilles Alonso
10 ans d'acquisitions, 10 ans de passions

10 years of acquisitions, 10 years of passion

From the 29th of May to the 21st of September 2015, at the Lyon Museum of Fine Arts

There's more than one way to visit a museum...

Some people like to see everything and come back a number of times, because one day isn't nearly enough to see everything at the  Museum of Fine Arts !

Others make a preliminary selection, generally including the major works of art (so as not to miss any of the masterpieces), or works highlighted by the museum's themed apps.

Others like to wander at a leisurely pace, stopping here and there to admire a work that catches their eye...

There is no right or wrong way. It can vary from day to day, according to what you feel like or how much time you have!

The museum is now offering a chance to see a cross-section of its collections, which highlights works acquired over the past 10 years, including paintings, sculptures, medals and objects from antiquity to the present time. The numerous works reflect the dynamic approach of the museum, a living cultural space and preserver of art, which is always looking to enrich its collections as the years pass, to hand them down to future generations.

A fascinating journey back through the ages, artistic movements and trends.

Admission to the museum and the exhibition is included in the Lyon City Card

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Lyon City Card Admission to the museum and the exhibition is included in the Lyon City Card

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