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Mini World Lyon
Mini World Lyon

Mini World Lyon met à disposition l’intégralité de ses locaux pour vos événements professionnels : restaurant avec cuisine équipée, salle d’exposition temporaire, salle de cinéma.
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Institut d'Art Contemporain - IAC

The Institute of Contemporary Art creates and conducts research into contemporary art, organises exhibitions and events and puts together internationally-renowned collections of works, in a gallery renovated for every show.
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Antiquaille - Cultural Center of Christianity in Lyon

This new cultural space dedicated to the history and the birth of Christianity in Gaul also has what is believed to be the prison of Saint Pothin. It stands on the site of the old hospital Antiquaille.
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La Maison des Canuts

La Maison des Canuts opens the doors of its workshop to the public. Brocade, velvet or figured silk... The secrets of these exceptional silks will be revealed as the techniques used are demonstrated on a Jacquard weaving loom.
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Maison Hosotte

The Maison Hosotte, run by the Amis du Vieux Grigny, exhibits collections of ancient items that form the history of the town in this restored former pastry store: earthenware, hats, old photos, etc.
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Musée Lumière

On the site on which cinematography was born, the museum presents the story of the Lumière Brothers’ inventions thanks to projections and interactive features on four floors of the Château Lumière, the home of Antoine, father of the two famous inv...
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Classe Musée de l'Ecole Jean Macé

Créée en l’an 2000 dans l'école Jean Macé, la classe-musée retrace l’évolution de l’école du XIX° siècle à nos jours. Elle contribue à la sauvegarde du patrimoine scolaire : mobilier ancien, cartes, matériels pédagogiques, objets d'écoliers...
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Musée Miniature et Cinéma

Two unique collections: the 120 miniature scenes produced by the artist Dan Ohlmann and the 350 legendary film props give the visitor an insight into the special effects techniques of our leading film studios.
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Camille Pantano, blogueuse culture
Музеи Лиона

Камиль Пантано, блоггер в области культуры


Камиль Пантано, блоггер в области культуры

Особенность музеев Лиона в том, что они красивы как снаружи, так и изнутри !