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Chapelle de la Trinité

Chapelle de la Trinité ©
One of the most beautiful jewels of the baroque architecture of "Lyon classified as Historic Monument", the chapel is one of vaster that the Jesuits built in France (500 m ²).
The College of Jesuits had the Eglise de la Très Sainte Trinité (Church of the Most Holy Trinity) built starting in 1617, based on plans by Brother Martellange. It was consecrated in 1622. The internal volume is typical of their architecture during this period. Thomas Blanchet and Ferdinand Delamonce, at the end of the 17th and beginning of the 18th century, are responsible for the modification of the galleries and the polychrome marble of the nave and chancel. (The ancient dispensary is now in Montluel Hospice). Restored in the 19th century by Tony Desjardins, in the 1990s by Jean-Gabriel Mortamet, and from 1997 to 1999 by Didier Repellin. It serves as the setting for the Baroque Music Festivals held at Christmas and the Chapel Concerts organised by the Festivals Association. A commemorative plaque was placed here in February 2012 to celebrate the 210th anniversary of the 1st Italian Republic, which was proclaimed in the chapel on the 26th of January 1802 in the presence of Napoleon Bonaparte and 500 Italian deputies.


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