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Les Traboules du Vieux Lyon

Les Traboules du Vieux Lyon © 32 rue Doyenné traboule HD©www.b-rob.com_01
Les Traboules du Vieux Lyon © escalier©Xavier SCHWEBEL
Les Traboules du Vieux Lyon © ©Jack Leone
Les Traboules du Vieux Lyon © 12 rue Saint Jean Traboule HD©www.b-rob.com_04
Traboules, these shortcuts in the form of internal passage, allow to communicate from a street to the other one by crossing one or several buildings and run. They are mainly situated in Old Lyon and in Croix-Rousse.
Trabouler, from Latin "Trans ambulare" means "pass through". Particularly numerous in Old Lyon, they allowed, in the Middle Age, to quickly reach the boat on the Saône. They housed the clandestine comings and goings of Lyon Resistance during the 2nd War. The main alleyways are: - 10 and 12 rue St Georges (courtyard and interior garden, open from 7 am to 19h) - 27 rue St Jean to 6 rue des Trois Maries traboule can cross two courses gallery 16th century, fully restored with plaster bright. - 40 rue St Jean to 5 Place Neuve. - 54 rue St Jean to 27 rue du Boeuf: longest traboule neighborhood. It crosses four courses and four buildings. - 2 Place du Gouvernement in 10 quai Romain Rolland. The building n°2, built in the 15th century, actually housed the Hostellerie St Christopher, which housed the travelers. The building has retained some Gothic decorative elements. The traboule led to the high court, then located above the stable, and then joined the dock Romain Rolland.

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