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Fort du Bruissin

Fort du Bruissin ©
Fort du Bruissin ©
Located at the highest point in Francheville, the fort is nestled in the heart of a 10 hectares wooded site. It was built from 1878 to 1881 and is part of the Séré de Rivières system, named after its designer, also known as “Vauban de la Revanche”…
The fort was an ammunition compound during the second world war, and was acquired by the town of Francheville in 1979. In 1989 it became a cultural area, with art workshops in the 'Cité des Artistes'. Today it is known as the Contemprary Art Centre. In the park, discover the nature of the area with the nature trails created for the purpose.

Контактные данные

Chemin du Château d’Eau 69340 Francheville

Тел. : 04 72 13 71 00


Free of charge

Часы открытия

The site is freely accessible. The fort is open the 3rd weekend of Sept. to July 14th. During exhibitions, open Fri. to Sun.: 2 pm-6 pm.


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