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Sens Interdits - International theater festival

Sens Interdits Festival international de théâtre ©
Sens Interdits focuses on memory, identity and resistance, by theater.
Sens Interdits invites artists from all backgrounds. Using theatre as a weapon, these voices, often oppressed, hit the stage, a place of freedom, and tackle forgotten and taboo subjects. They dare, resist and hit where it hurts! This is urgent, profoundly political theatre. Sens Interdits invests 15 theaters for 15 performances from 14 countries.

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Часы открытия

From 18/10 to 28/10/2018, daily. Dates to be confirmed.


Pass Festival : € 9 to € 15
Pass Student : de € 6 to € 10 (-26 years old).
Pass Festival : € 9 to € 15
Pass Student : de € 6 to € 10 (-26 years old)

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Vincent Carry, directeur du Festival Nuits Sonores
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Музеи Лиона

Камиль Пантано, блоггер в области культуры


Камиль Пантано, блоггер в области культуры

Особенность музеев Лиона в том, что они красивы как снаружи, так и изнутри !